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Our Collaboration with

Our Schools

Our partnerships will empower our students to have a voice by making a meaningful contribution to the community.


Mt. Kisco Child Care Center

MKCCC has been on the forefront of sustainability and nutrition education for children with its signature Feed Me Fresh (“FMF”) Program, a comprehensive garden-to-table nutrition education program. 

Mt. Kisco Elementary School

Our MKES community garden empowers our students to have a voice by making a meaningful contribution to the community by growing healthy organic food and herbs while learning about the environment.

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West Patent Elementary School

The WPES Learning Garden mission is to provide authentic hands-on-project-driven work which keeps students interested and motivated while offering opportunities to learn about where their food comes from, to nurture and tend to living things and become aware of some of the critical issues we face as a planet

Bedford Hills Elementary School

The BHES garden mission is to amplify and connect in-classroom learning with tangible outdoor curriculum. By tending to food as it grows, from soil to seed to plate, the BHES garden reinforces and makes real such diverse topics as math, social studies, and life science through planning, plant selection, and direct observation. Established in 2004 by the district Wellness Committee and led for many years by the school nurse (now retired), the BHES Garden will leverage the tools and techniques used by other elementary school garden assets in BCSD.

Interested in supporting our efforts? Let's connect!

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