Nourishing soil biology, May 25th

Nourishing soil biology, May 25th

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Wednesday 5/25 

Nourishing soil biology 

• learn about the plant and soil micro biome

• When and how to use worm compost tea, minerals,  fish emulsion and seaweed fertilizer

• mulching techniques to build healthy soil

◦ chop and drop: the Dorothy Stout method


    Dr. Susan Rubin, known as SuRu, is a food and environmental activist who has been growing food with all ages for more than a decade.
    She is a Westchester Master Composter who adores red wriggler composting worms,  and is also a certified permaculture designer.
    SuRu is a mom of 3 grown daughters and a dog mom to Wally. (@WallyRu22)