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Terms and Conditions

Welcome Vendors

WMN Unite and DIG Farm are 501c3 a non-profit who have taken on the Farmer’s Market management role to help organize local farms and vendors who choose to sell goods at the Mt. Kisco Municipal parking lot, once per month. Our collective effort is to help support the community and increase access to small farms and businesses. 

Vendors shall take responsibility for their own liability and risk associated with selling goods at MK Farmer’s Market.  

Vendor agrees to indemnify WMN Unite, DIG Farm, and the Town and Village of Mt. Kisco and affiliates, from any risk or liability occurrence that may arise on or surrounding the dates listed. 

Vendors must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations including but not limited to health and licensing. 

Vendors are responsible for paying all applicable Federal, State, and local taxes.

Vendors must exhibit health practices as dictated by the Federal, State, and local laws.

Vendors must haul garbage and leave space clear as to when arrived.

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Fresh Strawberries
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